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Injection and Scanning Instructions For Llamas and Alpacas

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Step 1. Using a Destron/IDI reader, scan the sterile needle assembly in the package to confirm that the ID code of the transponder is the same as that shown on the package bar code labels.

Step 2. Remove the sterilized needle assembly containing the transponder from its package. (Do not remove the protective plastic cover until just before use.)

Step 3 Slide the white sliding bar on the top of the blue injector handle back to the upon position. Seat the rectangular, plastic end of the needle assembly in the top of the injector handle in an upright position, as shown below. Then push the tip of the needle assembly down at a 90 degree angle until the assembly is flush with the top of the handle. Move the white sliding bar forward, securing the needle assembly in place. The needle bevel should face away from the animal, as shown in figure 2.

Figure 1

Step 4. Locate the injection site. For Llamas and Alpacas, the site is located above and in front of the ear on the "poll" of the head.

Step 5. Prepare the injection site as you would for any injection.

Step 6. Just before using the injector, remove the protective cover from the needle.
NOTE: Keep the needle pointed upward as the transponder can easily slide out of the needle.

Step 7. Using your thumb and index finger, pull some loose skin up at the injection site, pinching it lightly. Roll your index finger over your thumb to release some skin. Holding the injector handle as shown below, insert the needle subcutaneously below your thumb. The needle should be inserted all the way up to the hub.
NOTE: Make sure the needle has not gone under the skin and back out of the skin. The entire tip of the needle should be under the skin.

Step 8. Push the white injection knob forward (toward the needle tip) to inject the transponder. Do not begin to withdraw the needle until the injection knob has been pushed all the way forward.

Figure 2

Step 9. Withdraw the needle slowly. You should see the blue-colored drive pin inside the bevel of the needle. If bleeding is observed, apply light pressure to the injection site with your finger.

Step 10. Discard ONLY the needle. You can use the injector handle again.

Step 11. Scan the animal to verify proper transponder functioning.

Step 12. Remove the bar code labels from the front of the needle package. Apply one liable to the registration form.